We stand Behind our Work

At Riverside Animal Attic we guarantee both our work and our products. We want you to be happy with our wildlife removal services. We been around since 2007 because we consistently deliver quality work. Our guarantee is that we will always make any error right. Our standard repair warranty against new animal into your house through our repairs is 1 year. That said, most of our repairs will last for the life of your home against new critter entry. We also provide full written work order estimates before beginning any work. Call us at 951-893-5337 for more details about our guarantee.

We pride ourselves on being a wildlife control company, not an exterminator or company focused on pest control. This means that we handle reptiles and mammals, not insects or pests. We still have vast experience dealing with critters some would consider pests, such as rodents, but we never use poison like an exterminator would. Instead, we opt for humane methods, using things like exclusion, prevention, or live trapping whenever possible. Instead of just removing the animals, we also treat the root of the issue so you do not have to call us again in a few weeks or months. We will find how the animals got inside and make the necessary repairs or help you make your property less appealing to the critters. Our ability to target the source of the problem comes from the first step we take upon arrival at the property: a thorough 32-point inspection. This ensures that we know every single way that an animal can get inside. Based on that inspection and the information you give us, we will create a written estimate for you and then come up with a solution. We can extract entire bat colonies, use exclusion or trapping to get animals out of your attic, get critters out of your wall, and more.