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We are Riverside Animal Attic, a full service wildlife removal company servicing Riverside, Ca. We pride ourselves on being a wildlife control company, not an exterminator or company focused on pest control. This means that we handle reptiles and mammals, not insects or pests. We still have vast experience dealing with critters some would consider pests, such as rodents, but we never use poison like an exterminator would. Instead, we opt for humane methods, using things like exclusion, prevention, or live trapping whenever possible. Instead of just removing the animals, we also treat the root of the issue so you do not have to call us again in a few weeks or months. We will find how the animals got inside and make the necessary repairs or help you make your property less appealing to the critters. Our ability to target the source of the problem comes from the first step we take upon arrival at the property: a thorough 32-point inspection. This ensures that we know every single way that an animal can get inside. Based on that inspection and the information you give us, we will create a written estimate for you and then come up with a solution. We can extract entire bat colonies, use exclusion or trapping to get animals out of your attic, get critters out of your wall, and more. Call us now at 951-893-5337 for a solution to your wild animal problem.

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We repair wildlife damage and prevent re-entry.

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Experts in California bat removal from buildings.

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Our Service Range

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Riverside Wildlife Removal Tip of the Month: Raccoon Extermination Tips

If you have a raccoon in your property, understand that this small and fragile creature has the same amount of protection from the inhumane and harmful expulsion as humans do. It is relatively easy for them to get inside our property. However, once they set-up a den in our attic or porch, removing them would be a pain in the neck. Professional wildlife removal agency should follow the existing law that protects the wildlife species from unnecessary harm.

The Lethal and Non-Lethal Way to Get Rid of the Raccoons
If you are reading this article, there is a high possibility that you are dealing with a raccoon infestation in your house. As we mentioned above, while conducting your preferred extermination method, you must follow the state and federal law that protects these species. Following the standard protocol will help you stay away from the needless fines and expenses.

The Lethal Method
There are various lethal methods that you can use. However, most of them are considered illegal. For instance most states prevent the use of firearms especially if your area is densely populated. Grip traps on the other hand can be hard to find. Not to mention that setting up can be dangerous and it requires a considerable amount of experience. You need to carry a trapping license in order to be qualified. Most of the states also have a law that prevents the use of the grip traps.

When it comes to the lethal method, poisoning is definitely the most inhumane way to do it. Aside from the fact that it will lead to different issues and concerns, the poor creature will suffer tremendously before dying. Most of us think that raccoon and other small animals are fine creatures and there’s no need to kill them as long as they don’t threaten our pets, invade our attic, and leave their droppings everywhere. However, even if that’s the case, there are still non-lethal methods to get rid of them.

The Non-Lethal Method
Raccoons are pesky and persistent wildlife creatures and the traditional scare tactics will not work against them. Prevention still plays a huge factor if you want to deal with raccoon infestation. Start by restricting their access to water and food. Remove the trash in your yard and place them in a garbage bin with a secured lid. Determine the extent and areas of damages and apply fixes. By determining the den of the raccoons, you will have a higher possibility of success to get rid of them.

Another non-lethal method would be trapping and relocating. Nevertheless, there are still laws that govern this procedure. Trapped raccoons should be provided with adequate water and food. The young raccoons that are six weeks old and younger should not be taken away from the mother raccoons. When relocating the raccoons, you are only allowed to relocate them within the 1km. radius from the place where you trapped them. This increases their chance of survival.

For those who find the process too daunting, the wildlife removal company can provide their assistance and knowledge and help you with your concern. Furthermore, they have the skills and experience that can aid you in preventing future infestation.