What Are the Common Problems That Mice Cause?

A hole that is about the size of a pen can be used by the mouse as an access point to our home. They are agile creatures that love to build their nest in the obscure areas of our house. They have a tendency to live in large group and they have the ability to reproduce at an insane rate which will lead to mice infestation. Once they use your house as a breeding ground, you will have to deal with the hassles of a full-blown infestation.

Common Problems Related with Mice Infestation
As the temperature drops, the mice will start looking for a warm and cozy place to live and the most ideal location would be our homes. Based on the report, at least 21 million houses are being invaded by the mice every winter season. Their urine and droppings can lead to allergies and health concerns. A mouse can produce 25,000 pellets of droppings annually that increase the possibility of transmitting zoonotic ailments.

This type of ailments was first recognized last 1993, but the incidents have been concentrated on the western part of the US. This is primarily carried by the white-footed mouse. There are different ways on how human can contract this disease. When the nesting materials or the droppings have been disturbed, the virus will be airborne and can be accidentally inhaled by human. If you have been bitten by an infected mouse, the disease can also be transmitted. The symptoms of Hantavirus will develop in a span of 1-5 weeks. This condition can also progress to HPS (Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome). This is a serious respiratory condition that can be lethal to humans.

LCM (Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis)
LCM is a viral infection that can be cause by mice infestation. The host of the virus would be the ordinary house mouse. In fact, according to the reports, at least 5% of the house mice in the US are possible carriers of this virus. The transmission of the disease may happen if the person came in contact with the saliva, nesting materials, droppings, and urine of the mouse. The possibility of transmitting the disease is higher during the colder season. You can also acquire the virus when their dropping or urine has been introduced to your eyes, nose and broken skin.

A large number of rabbits, rodents and hares will die during a tularemia outbreak. The humans on the other hand can be infected through the fleas and tick that the mouse carries. The symptoms of the disease will generally depend upon how the bacteria have entered our system. Most of the time, the disease can be accompanied by a high fever. This can be a life threatening ailments but it can mostly be cured by ingesting antibiotics. Due to the numerous health hazards that can be caused by mice, their infestation should be addresses quickly. You can possibly deal with one or two mice but if it is a full-blown infestation, be sure to seek the help of the experts.

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