The Causes of Pigeon’s Odor and How to Resolve It

Once you have a pigeon infestation in your vicinity, it is not surprising to have an unsanitary condition within your property. You will normally see an accumulated dropping in the exterior part of your house, at the sidewalks, and the ledges of your windows. In the event that the pigeons started invading your property, then it will only take a while before your house smells like a home of pigeon.

Cause of the Pigeon’s Smell
If your house smells like a rat, do not immediately think that you are having a rat infestation. It can be a group of pigeon that is dwelling in your house. Most pigeons will choose to build their nest outside of our ventilation system that will increase the chance of disease transmission and will make our house smell unsanitary.

Droppings of the Pigeons
This is perhaps the main source of the offensive smell. You probably are unaware of this but our air conditioning can provide them a safe place to build their nest and raise their chicks. The dried droppings of the pigeons will not just cause fouls odor but it will also be detrimental to the health of the household members. The spores of the dropping can trigger your respiratory problems and asthma attacks. Their droppings will also carry heaps of pathogens that can cause severe illnesses.

Dead Pigeon
The pigeon can die due to different factors. They can fly straight to our windows and may die from collision. If the population of the pigeon is too large, then the transfer of the diseases would be inevitable. If you have cats, the pigeon can also die from their attack. The place where you will find the carcass of the pigeons will tell you something about the cause of its death.

Dealing with the Odor
There are different methods that you can use to eliminate not only the pungent smell in your house that is caused by the pigeons, but also the threats that it presents. Start by removing the source of the odor. All nesting materials and the scattered droppings should be placed inside the trash bag. The dead body of the pigeon can be placed inside the shoe box before sealing it with packing tape. Use a cleaning solution that can disintegrate organic objects that will eliminate the threats of the microorganisms.

After removing the source of the odor, you should disinfect the area of infestation. You can add bleach and liquid detergent in a pail of water. Use this cleaning solution when removing the stains that are left behind by their urine and droppings. When performing the entire cleaning task, ensure that the circulation of air inside the room is good. You should also wear face masks and gloves to avoid inhaling the spores.

If you are looking for an easier solution, the wildlife removal experts can probably help you deal with these matters. There are some of them who will provide a complete service that includes the decontamination of the place of infestation.

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