Delicious Snake Recipes that You Should Try

Perhaps no other creature can compete against the negative reputation of the snakes. They appear inhuman and cold. There are also instances that their bites can be lethal. Nonetheless, there are times when they can taste delicious especially if their meat has been properly prepared. The demand for the snake meat is not the latest fad. In fact, this tradition can be traced back to the ancient civilization in the eastern Asia.

Snake Soup Recipe
In the snake recipe that we will mention in article, you need to make sure that the snake is already dead. The meat should also be fresh. Remember that only the body of the snake can be eaten since some of them may contain venom. The head should be removed to remain on the safe side. The Snake Soup has originated from the southern China and is currently popular in Canton. However, the demand for the meat of the snake to turn into a soup is highest in Hong Kong.

According to the oriental medicine, eating the snake soup can deliver medical and spiritual benefits. They believe that it may cure different diseases such as joint pains and malaria. They even believe that it has the power to deter the effect of the evil spirit. The demand for the snake meat will be higher during the winter season since it is believed that it can cure illnesses caused by the cold. The recipe will highly vary depending on the sickness that you want to cure. Aside from the meat of the snake, it may contain ginger, pork, mushroom, abalone, and chicken.

Breaded Snake
This particular dish is originally the dish of the frontiersman in the southwestern section of the US. The meat of the snake will be marinated first in the saltwater that will eliminate its rough texture and blood. After that, the meat will be dipped with egg whites and will be covered with black pepper and cornmeal. This will be deep fried until it became golden brown. Unlike fish or chicken, there will not be enough snake meat that you can collect from their bones. It is also best to serve them with chopped vegetables and sliced corn.

Stir Fried
Apart from the soup, serving it as stir fried is also popular in China. The meat of the snake will first be marinated in a combination of vinegar and wine for about one hour. The wanton and the noodles will then be fried. Ginger and garlic should also be fried. Next, the tangerine, daikon, celery, and pepper will be added together with the mixture of snake and wine. This should be stirred continuously before adding the noodle mix. After this is done, top it with the fried wanton noodles.

These are just some of the ways that snake meat can be prepared. However, before you go out in the wild to hunt for snakes, make sure that the snake specie is not included in the federal list to stay away from any legal consequences.

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